Huda was here by H. Hayek

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Huda was here is the sequel to CBCA’s 2022 shortlisted novel, Huda and me. Created by talented Australian author, H. Hayek, this story is filled with beautiful connections and strong bonds. But, can Akeal endure another outlandish escapade with his sister, Huda (for the same goal…. to unite their loving family) or will this one really go too far?

Hooked in by a highly entertaining prologue, the reader is immediately captivated by Huda and her distraught brother, Akeal. Huda, with her usual sassiness and Akeal a complete wreck with worry are at the police station. How on earth could they have found themselves here! What plan has Huda come up with this time and more importantly, how can they possibly rectify it?

The story is told from the perspective of Akeal; an eleven year old who loves his family dearly. Huda, his pocket rocket, nine year old sister is strong willed and determined, yet sometimes a little too bold. She can be interchangeably bubbly and lovable or cranky and obstinate. Akeal is the calmer, gentler one; held back by hesitance and always thoughtful of others, he is torn between helping Huda and being caught out. However, their unwavering connection is undeniable.

Every reader will be instantly invested and pulled in by the strong connection; with Huda’s tenacity and sympathies with Akeal and what he must tolerate. As each chapter cleverly meanders back and forth in time, we discover how and why Huda and Akeal found themselves in this predicament…. And even more importantly how this will all end! Each twist and turn, keeps the reader completely invested and captivated.

H. Hayek has a great knack for writing a highly engaging story. The reader rides the waves of each emotion and scenario, as if they are watching it unfold first hand. You cannot help but spur Huda on; as her tenacity and drive are infectious and you just want both children to find the happiness and family unity that they so adore.

Themes: Family, Friendship, Emotions, Problem solving.

Michelle O'Connell