How to write a great story by Caroline Lawrence

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Piccadilly Press, 2019. ISBN: 9781848128149. pbk., 177 pgs.
(Age: 9+) I personally think this would be a great secondary and adult guide to writing too. I actually feel like writing a story now, so I will have this on my shelf in class so kids and I can use it as a reference. Bet it would get kids writing and enjoy doing so. I think every classroom should have a copy. I think it would get reluctant writers writing.
Caroline Lawrence visits school events and workshops talking to children and encouraging them to write. She has now managed to share her best tips in this illustrated guide to creative writing and storytelling for readers and writers aged 9+ and personally anyone at any age. I would recommend this for secondary and adult writers.
So loved reading Caroline Lawrence's guide to writing that I managed to read it in one sitting. Ok, ok a sitting and a half. It was very easy to read and enjoyable. Illustrations from Linzie Hunter in black and white were lively and added humour to the book.
I really enjoyed how Caroline wrote and pulled apart all kinds of stories and movies that the everyday person knows and relate to like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Incredibles, Star Wars just to name a few. Oh yeah, and lots about ancient Greek and Roman mythology.
She explores every aspect of writing, from brainstorming a setting, to creating an opponent and choosing your hero's greatest weakness, like an Achilles' heel. She teaches you about your left and right brain and she uses it. If you want to be a writer there is great advice in this book.
Caroline does mention her books in this guide and how she got ideas for the stories. I am so tempted to read the Roman Mysteries now and then watch the TV series they were made into.
How to write a great story is a must in every library and classroom. Bet it would get anyone writing.
Maria Komninos