Isaac Turner investigates: The clockwork conspiracy by Sam Sedgman

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Diggory and his son Isaac Turner, climb the clock tower to make daylight saving adjustments and carry out maintenance. Thoughts of a looming parliamentary debate regarding the decimization of time into law, preoccupy the world’s leading horologist as he and Issaac work to adjust Big Ben. Neither are aware they are being watched by the forces of both good and evil.

Diggory instructs Isaac to wind the clockwork and ascends to make final adjustments – only to disappear. But from the roof of the Palace of Parliament where Solomon Bassala, the speaker of the House resides, his daughter Hattie is also watching. She saw Diggory  kidnapped. Hattie is a burgeoning rooftopper and urban explorer and introduces Isaac to her extreme hobby of urbexing.

Isaac and Hattie team up to solve the mystery using codes and clues left by Diggory, starting with the broken face of his disgarded watch – 8 mins, 34 seconds, Feb 20.  Learning that Diggory is a member of an international society of TimeKeepers, the stakes are much higher for mankind than the disappearance of one man. The pair decode each clue and on Feb 20, we meet the remaining international members of Diggory’s secret society - Penny, Amire, Luc, Naoko and Gloria.

Readers will be privy to Uncle Sol’s political world but also a sub-plot involving the Timekeepers, whose mission involves worldwide stability. Keeping step with Isaac and Hattie’s investigation is the relentless and increasingly frustrated Pascal, under pressure from a criminal 'mastermind' and a sinister conspiracy at the centre of government. Pascal has snatched many of the Timekeepers, including Diggory,  but what he seeks is in Isaac’s possession and the duo’s quest becomes ever more dangerous. Can the children save lives and even time itself? 

Whilst not as explicit as Lemony Snicket’s, Series of Unfortunate Events, the expository digressions, where characters instruct readers in horology, atomic clocks or the workings of parliament;  are firmly factual and add another layer to what is an unapologetic rollicking adventure.

Sam Sedgman is the successful co-author of the multiple award-winning Adventures on Trains series  but the new Isaac Turner Investigates series ignites with his first solo novel, The Clockwork Conspiracy.

Themes: Adventure, Speculative, Mystery.

Deborah Robins