Let's go! On a Submarine by Rosalyn Albert and Natalia Moore

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Another in the board book Let’s Go! series, that features different forms of transport and vehicles (Let's go! On a digger, Let’s go! On a train), Let’s Go! On a submarine is a fun book that toddlers will love.

'Let's go on a submarine
And cruise beneath the sea.
Discovering strange creatures
Who swim so fast and free.'

Told in the first person, the text is written in rhyming couplets that facilitate a pleasant read aloud for young children. The excitement of going on an underwater adventure is evident on the faces of the children who embark on the trip on the submarine.

Each page has just two lines and a vivid illustration with a diversity of characters can be seen across the double page spread. Young children will enjoy learning the meaning of the new words that are encountered (ballast, propellers, coral, shimmer, sonar, sound waves and periscope) and finding the illustration that shows them just what the object looks like.

Bright colours bring the underwater world to life. The illustrations are very detailed, and all the creatures seen have very cute, happy faces that will appeal to children. As with others in this series, the book is very sturdy, and its small size will be helpful as young children learn to turn the pages.

The Let’s Go! series is a useful addition to a home or pre-school collection and On a submarine is sure to have fans.

Themes: Submarines.

Pat Pledger