Time for adventure, Daddy by Dave Hackett

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UQP, 2020. ISBN: 9780702262852.
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Following Time for bed, Daddy (2015) and Time for school, Daddy (2018) Dave Hackett's funny look at family life with Dad as the main character being sorted out by his single minded daughter, will elicit gales of laughter from the audience as they sympathise with the two characters and recognise themselves and situations they have been in. Circumstances are reversed as the daughter gets ready for an adventure, packing a picnic basket, making sure Dad has been to the toilet before they leave home, returning all the things he wants to take with them.
And they have a great time, skipping over stones in the creek bed, stepping over a big log, finding a worm to take home, walking in the sunshine, collecting leaves and twigs, and when Dad's feet become too tired to walk any more,  deciding where to place the picnic rug for their picnic.
All the fun of outdoors is shown as the pair walk, skip, run and jump, making use of the environment around them. An array of things are shown which children will recognise and enjoy, recalling the last time they did something similar or living in some expectation of doing it in the future.
In these times of isolation, the book is most apt, revealing something everyone can do, a picnic with the family, wandering through the great outdoors, be it close by or some way away. All the efforts at getting the outing ready are shown, as well as the things to be expected when away from home on such an occasion. And all told with a great sense of humour as the roles are reversed, and the adventures are filled with fun.
The jaunty illustrations add to the sense of fun as the wide smiles invite readers to see what fun can be had from a simple outing with their Dad. Teacher's notes are available.
Themes: Humour, Fun, Adventure, Role reversal, Picnics.
Fran Knight