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Aug 06 2015

Time for bed, Daddy by Dave Hackett

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University of Queensland Press, 2015. ISBN 9780702253812
(Ages: 3-6) Recommended. Author and illustrator, Cartoon Dave presents a bedtime book with a twist - we are used to stories about children getting to bed (eventually!) but this one is about a little girl getting her daddy to bed. He manages to capture the special, playful relationship between a father and child beautifully and preschool children will find the premise hilarious - putting dad to bed! Dad tries every trick to prolong bedtime - he isn't tired, he's busy playing, he doesn't need a bath, can he have a horsey ride first?, are there monsters under the bed?, how about a story?, and a song? ...just one more snuggle? In addition, the little girl tries all her tricks to get daddy to bed - bubbles in the bath ('That gets Daddy in every time'), jokes at dressing time and funny voices at story time. Parents and children alike will find the cartoon illustrations humorous as the role reversal is perfectly illustrated. Daddy is playful and childlike: splashing in the bath, shaking with worry over the monsters under the bed and cuddling up to his teddy as he falls asleep. The look of reluctance on Daddy's face as he is 'helped' to his room (carried, pushed and pulled!) is one that all parents will recognise.
The dialogue and narration is simple and realistic with key words highlighted and enlarged, to make for fun expressive reading. This will really appeal to pre-schoolers' sense of humour and they will love the bright cartoon illustrations. This is sure to be a hit at bedtime, especially when it is dad's turn to read!
Nicole Nelson

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