A Giant’s Trek by Nick Stella

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A Giant’s Trek written by debut author Nick Stella is an entertaining, fast-paced fantasy novel. What initially began as a bedtime story for the author’s young children, is now a wonderful adventure full of strong likeable characters and fantastical settings.

Giant twin brothers, Ash and Oak, are like chalk and cheese. Ash is smaller and quieter, not as good at things as his brother and not his father’s favourite. Oak is big and loud, able to do everything well and is definitely his father’s son. The twins and a girl giant named Mithra have turned 12 and are ready to complete a coming-of-age quest known as the Trek, in order to pass out of childhood into adulthood. The Trek involves leaving Haven-Home with an adult mentor and travelling many miles to search for something that will help to protect their village from wolves. Oak and Mithra choose to search for strong weapons, but Ash chooses to search for incantations in the magic form of stone, wood, water and fire. Ash’s mentor is known as Avalanche and has been ostracised from the village due to a serious injury to his previous young charge. He does though know incantations so is a perfect match for Ash. The journey for Ash and Avalanche to find each of the four elements is full of danger and challenging situations. Joining them part of the way is Marshall Sypender, one of the pocket folk soldiers, who must guide them through his land. He is not as brave as the giants, but his true worth is shown over and over again during their eventful journey.

This is an exciting story full of descriptive language and amazing challenges with the reader left wondering what could possibly happen next. It is also a story of finding one’s own place in the world and being the person you are meant to be.

Themes Fantasy, Giants, Trek, Adventure, Danger, Wolves, Battles, Coming-of-Age Quest.

Kathryn Beilby