Who am I? I'm a duckling by Liv Wan, illus.

cover image

One in a number of books in the Who am I? series published by New Frontier, the book about a duckling will have instant appeal to the very young, just learning to hold and open a book. Study board books are great introductions, and combined with am engrossing theme concerning a variety of animals, told simply and surrounded by wonderful bright illustrations, younger children will be enthralled.

In the duckling book, various traits are given about an animal, then the question ‘Who am I?’ is posed, answered by opening a flap to find the picture of the animal. In this book, children will see the difference between a cow, a horse, a duckling, pig, when on the last page the flap reveals a mirror, subtly including them in the carnival of animals. The background detail shows a little of the environment in which these animals live, and a few other animals are included, encouraging recognition by the reader. They will love this board book, sturdy and strong, brightly coloured and detailed, giving range to a host of learning about animals.

Themes: Animals, Farm life, Recognition, Question and answers, Lift the flap, Board book.

Fran Knight