The endfixer by Noemi Vola

cover image

The Endfixer is a surprise read with a very original and quirky premise. In this cleverly written book, the narrator just wants to fix or change the endings of stories to suit how they think it should end. As the narrator says, in some stories the endings are too complicated, too censored, too hard to believe, too baffling, too catastrophic or too mushy, and so the list goes on. The reader is given a glimpse into many of the incredible things that could happen in a story yet sometimes the ending does not quite fit and the narrator believes they have a right to have the perfect ending.

Along with the easily accessible text are striking colour and black and white illustrations that tell their own story. For example, a full page picture of two kissing dinosaurs which should have been the end but on the page that follows, it shows an asteroid heading towards them! That was not the ending the narrator was looking for.

Throughout the story are images of mice working hard to sort things out. They begin and end on the endpapers and finally put up the END sign on the almost last page. However, as we all know, the end is not necessarily the end!

Themes: Stories, Endings, Making Changes, Humour.

Kathryn Beilby