Ready, set, big school by Jan Stradling and Jedda Robaard

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Another in the series of Play School books published by ABC Books in the Mindfully Me project, promotes a positive, friendly introduction to the next stage in the education of Maurice.

Told with the characters, Little Ted, Big Ted, Jemima, Humpty and Kiya listening to a talk by the representative from the big school, Mr Bao, he reveals some of the customs required when getting ready to go to the big school. There is talk about shoes, uniform and backpack, but when Maurice brings in a pile of equipment, he is gently told they are for camping, not school.  Big Ted then shows him what things he needs to take in his backpack. 

Maurice gets a funny feeling in his stomach but Big Ted helps him by telling him how to meet his new friends, introducing himself and telling them what he likes to do. When Big Ted drops Maurice off at school, he ha a funny feeling in his tummy as he prepares to leave.

The new class does a range of great things, including painting and reading, and when a bell sounds, Maurice is told that means a change of lesson. Outside he introduces himself to another new person and the two then build a castle in the sand pit. The day passes by very quickly and before he knows it, Big Ted is waiting for him at the door.

The Play School Mindfully Me series helps children and their carers tackle life's challenges together - big or small in a way that takes the reader on a journey with Maurice, in this case, through a situation they will all encounter, giving them guidelines about what to expect and how to react.

Themes: Play school, Mindfully me (series), Preparation, School.

Fran Knight