Milly's mind: a peek inside autism by Colin and Milly Armstrong. Illus. by Jo McGivern

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Milly’s Mind: a peek inside autism, is a refreshing and engaging explanation of how a child with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) sees their world. Written by Milly and her dad Colin in clever, carefully constructed rhyme, the reader is taken on a journey that explores how Milly lives with ASC on a day-to-day basis. She explains how her brain responds to things, how sometime her words do not come out how others would like, how she reacts to situations, and how she struggles socially at times.

ASC is a natural variation in how the brain grows
It affects how I think, learn and, I suppose,
It probably explains why I have no filter.
And why sometimes I seem a little off-kilter

Milly is an energetic and vibrant child with a winning personality who has wonderful support and understanding from family and health professionals but more importantly provides those in her life with immense joy. Milly also has a vital message to share with others to enable them to show kindness and acceptance of those with ASC. As all children struggle with emotions, often those are heightened for those with ASC. As Milly says:

When something goes wrong, or I make a mistake,
I get gripped by emotions I cannot shake.
The wave of feelings can build up in me quickly,
I get lost in the anger rolling in thickly.

Those who are quick to judge children who may not always ‘fit society’s norms’ are just being themselves on their own journey and deserve our respect and understanding.

Milly’s Mind is an essential book to share with both children and adults and has a place in all libraries.  

Thank you Milly for being so open and honest. You are incredible and have an amazing story to tell. Visit Milly’s website for further information.

Themes: Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), Family, Humour, Neurodivergent.

Kathryn Beilby