Hop little bunnies by Martha Mumford

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Illus. by Laura Hughes. Bloomsbury, 2019. ISBN: 9781408892930.
(Ages: 0-3) Recommended. Themes; Bunnies, Lift the Flaps, Rhyming Story. This comes after the similar title We're Going on an Egg Hunt and is based on the popular Hop Little Bunnies song. UK illustrator Laura Hughes's work is delightful, making the book an instant visual winner. Her work is beautiful and young children will love lifting the multiple flaps on every second page to wake all the sleepy animals (they are sleeping on the front of the flap, then awake underneath). The same format, illustrative technique and text type was used for We're Going on an Egg Hunt and it works so well. 'See the little bunnies sleeping till it's noon. Shall we go and wake them with a merry tune? Oh how still, are they ill?' There is lots of repetition here, favourite animals of young children (sheep, chicks, bunnies, etc.) and animal sounds that they will love joining in with. At the end we sing the animals a happy bedtime song and they all go to sleep.
This will be a real favourite that can be read or sang at bedtime or any other time of the day. Little ones familiar with the song will probably even be up and hopping themselves!
Nicole Nelson