Fast, Slow. Let's Go! by Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock

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This is the way we walk along, walk along, walk along,
This is the way we walk along on a sunny funny morning.

All sorts of young children are making their way across town using any means they can - skateboarding, rising the train, on the zipline, even in a wheelchair. But where are they going? Why are they making such an effort? What could be so important?

This is an engaging story for young readers who will have fun identifying all the ways the children are travelling as their tongues wrap themselves around the familiar rhythm, rhyme and patterns of the classic Here we go round the mulberry bush, and joining in, the anticipation building as they predict where the children are going and why.

But as well as being a fun read for little ones, it's also an excellent kickstart for building vocabulary for those slightly older who are beginning to write their own stories and who need to expand their vocabularies beyond the common but boring 'I went...' Using the examples in the book as a launch pad, there could be a fascinating word wall built of alternatives beginning with modes of transport, but then venturing into creating mood and atmosphere with alternatives like I crept or I stomped. Not only does it encourage them to be more adventurous with their words, it demonstrates the impact of using them to build a story.

Themes: Transport, Cycling.

Barbara Braxton