Brittany & Co. take on Paris by John Larkin. Illus. by Rebecca Timmis

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Brittany and Co Take on Paris by John Larkin is a quirky and engaging tale. Filled with an abundance of wit that will have its audience in raptures, while capturing the amusing outlook of 11 year olds girls, it is filled with something to excite everyone.

Brittany has just acquired a much loved pony, which was transported home on the roof of their car by her mum! Not the most conventional idea, but it sets the scene beautifully for the laughter that will ensue. This story is fun, outlandish and has more jokes than any dad could ever dream of telling but is also so relatable you will be nodding and laughing as you go.

The close-knit group of friends embark on a mission to start a pony club. However, their dreams face an early obstacle when they learn they cannot bring their real horses to school, despite three of the girls doing so before being informed of this rule. This unexpected twist sets the stage for a series of humorous and entertaining adventures.

Undeterred, the girls discover an alternative: a hobby horse competition in Paris. Determined to participate, they must raise a whopping $20,000 to cover their expenses. The journey to achieve this goal is filled with a creative fundraising effort which has some unexpected outcomes.

Larkin masterfully blends the light heartedness of the girls' escapades with the underlying theme of perseverance. It is complemented beautifully by Timmis's fun black-and-white illustrations to enhance the reading experience and entertainment level for the audience. This novel will appeal to many.

Brittany and Co take on Paris is a delightful narrative about friendship, creativity and the joy of pursuing one's passions against all odds. The storyline’s crazy capers will have readers of all ages laughing out loud; making this a highly enjoyable read for all ages.

If you enjoy a good laugh with a fun and heart warming adventure, this novel is not to be missed!

Themes: Horses, Friendship, Perseverance, Relationships, Kindness, School, Competitions, Paris.

Michelle O'Connell