A memory of light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

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Orbit, 2013. 909p. Pb. ISBN 9781841498706.
(Ages: Senior secondary students - adults) A memory of light is the fourteenth book in Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series The wheel of time. Robert Jordan died in 2007 - and Brandon Sanderson was commissioned to complete this final volume of the series.
There had been many good decades, good centuries; but the wheel of time turns, ages have come and passed, and memories have become legend. The word now, is that the end is coming; the world is dying, and there is the threat of war.
After the fall of Caemlyn, Egwene's soldiers are camped on the Field of Merrilor. Rand al'Thor has arranged a meet with the rulers of the nations. His intention is to offer the Dragon's Peace. It seems Rand al'Thor will stop at nothing to protect this world, but Egwene is not happy. Will the Dark One escape if the seals are broken? If the papers are signed then Dragon Reborn must confront the Shadow at the Last Battle... and, Shayol Ghul will be the scene of the last showdown.
Working from Jordan's notes, and consulting with Jordan's widow, Sanderson has created a vast 909 page narrative with a broad character base, and readers will be pleased to meet familiar characters once again. Although this is the first book in the Wheel of time series that I have read, and the pace did seem slow, Sanderson's detailed imagery did channel me into ages past and present. The descriptions were imaginative, and believable within the context of the narrative.
This book is recommended for senior students, and adult readers of fantasy.
Colleen Tuovinen