Land of the Echidna People by Percy Trezise

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Illus. by Mary Lavis. Angus and Robertson, 2019. ISBN: 9781460756614. 32pp, hbk.
'Aboriginal oral history tells of hundreds of Dream Roads criss-crossing the Australian continent which were made by Ancestral Beings during their travels at the beginning of the Dreamtime. It also tells of a vast freshwater lake at the top of Australia and stories about ancestors like the Anta Moola sisters. There is also scientific evidence to suggest that 36,000 years ago there was a large freshwater lake at the top of Australia. Scientist called it the Lake of Carpentaria . . . and it was also known as Balanorga, the big water.'
The Journey of the Great Lake series tells the story of Jadianta, Lande and Jalmor,three children of the Kadimakara People who were caught in a storm and stranded across the great lake, Balanorga and their quest to return to their homeland as they journey around Balanorga, along the Dream road of the Anta Moola sisters to find their way home. The series, first published 20 years ago, comprises
Home Of The Kadimakara People,
Land of the Dingo People
Land of the Magpie Goose People,
Land of the Emu People,
Land of the Snake People,
Land of the Kangaroo People,
Land of the Brolga People and the final in the series,
Land of the Echidna People.
Written at a time when there was very little indigenous literature for young readers available, the series was and is a valuable addition to resources supporting studies of Aboriginal cultures, providing young readers with an insight into the life and lands of northern Australia 30 000 years ago.
Barbara Braxton