Roald Dahl's ABC illustrated by Quentin Blake

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Penguin Books, 2019. ISBN: 9780241370308.
(Age: 1-5) Recommended. Board book. Quentin Blake's marvellous illustrations are on display in this alphabet book which will be fabulous for young children. The famous enormous crocodile from Roald Dahl's book is featured, bringing lots of humour and excitement to the book.
'A is for . . . Anteater
B is for . . . Books
C is for . . . Crocodile
D is for . . . Delicious!' (Publisher)
Each page has the upper case letter as well as the lower case letter in bold print that would be easy for little fingers to trace and to gradually remember. The background against which each letter is situated is done in bold colours so that the letter stands out well and this will make it easy for children to gradually learn to recognise them. The board book is very sturdy, and should hold up to a lot of use from young children.
Of course the drawings are wonderful. As well as the fun with the snapping crocodile, children will delight in the 'F is for fox', that has the fox chasing a terrified chicken, and the 'U is for upside down' is hilarious. Not to mention the 'V is for vegetables' that has an elderly man spitting out a cucumber and will have children and adults in stitches. The 'X is for xenopus (A particular sort of frog' is also cute and children will love to try and say the new word out loud. The familiar illustrations have come from Roald Dahl's books and will be recognised by adults and will be a pleasant introduction to the books when the young child grows is old enough to read them.
This is a lively ABC book that should prove to be a keeper.
Pat Pledger