Star Wars: Meet the villains (series)

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DK, 2019.
Darth Vader by Ruth Amos. ISBN: 9780241392089.
Stormtroopers by Emma Grange. ISBN: 9780241392096
(Age: 7-9) Dorling Kindersley presents Star Wars: Meet the villains, two easy-to-read question and answer books filled with colourful stills from across the original movies, prequels and sequels.
Ruth Amos investigates the powerful Sith Lord Darth Vader, why he's so powerful, his family members and why he makes that strange rasping noise. Pitched at new fans and younger family members who've been brought up with the franchise, Darth Vader is packed with factual information including his wars with the rebel forces, his castle on the planet Mustafar and his powerful forces. What are his evil plans? Is there any good left in Darth Vader?
In Stormtroopers Emma George provides a wealth of information, continuing the question and answer format with images captured from across the franchise which started in 1977. The Stormtroopers wear armour designed to help them on missions in different environments, sand dunes, swamps and snowy landscapes. They march in formation, travel on speeder bikes for spying, use All Terrain Scout Transports and use tanks to trample everything in their path. Stormtroopers' helmets are specially designed with padding, communication links and breathing devices.
Star Wars: Meet the villains is a thrilling series that explores the popular characters, their roles, uniforms, powers in a galaxy far, far away. Each book concludes with a glossary to help understand key terms including empires, orders and forces. Written with the younger audience in mind, these books are suitable for ages seven years and up.
Subjects: Star Wars - Characters
Rhyllis Bignell