Super cats by Gwyneth Rees and Becka Moir

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Bloomsbury, 2019 ISBN: 9781408894194.
(Age: 5-8) Themes: Cats, Superpowers. Gwyneth Rees brings cats, magic, superpowers and villains together in her new book Super cats, just right for young readers.
Tagg the tabby kitten was born in spring to Melody and Chester. Whilst his other brothers and sisters find new homes, he keeps coming back after several attempts to find him a family. Of course, there's a special reason for this, young Tagg has been born with a superpower just like his mum and dad. His brother Rowdy from a previous litter also has a super feline ability.
In the summer house, his great-uncle shares stories of previous Feline Force adventures and Tagg tries to imagine what his talent will be. When beautiful cat Glamour lands on the roof to report her partner Flash, is missing after leaving home to purchase tickets for an upcoming concert, the other cats become worried. Why is the concert venue in an abandoned factory? What is the eccentric human scientist and his feline offsider planning? With three other supercats missing, all the adult Feline Force team gather to plan and then infiltrate the concert to search for their missing friends. Tagg sneaks off against his parents' instructions and teams up with Sugarfoot the kitten. Together they become involved in dangerous adventures, narrow escapes, scary bodyguards and foil evil plots. As Tagg grows and helps save the missing cats, his surprising super talent appears.
Gwyneth Rees' fast-paced story is just right for young animal fans and Becca Moir's line drawings show all the feline action. What's next for young Tagg and his new kitten friends - time for a team of new super-agents?
Rhyllis Bignell