The talent show by Delphine Davis and Adele K Thomas

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Mermaid holidays book 1. Penguin, 2019. ISBN: 9780143796510.
(Age: 6-8) Delphine Davis and Adele K Thomas introduce us to the underwater world of Turtleville where four special mermaid friends live with their families. Best friends since they were little merbies, Sophia, Willow, Chloe and Olivia love meeting up again after returning from their separate boarding schools. This is a special holiday, and something exciting is about to happen, Turtleville's first Talent Show.
Sophia Seashell is especially excited; she loves to sing and wants her friends to be backup singers for the performance. Her sidekick Smedley Seahorse cautions Sophia to consider what her other friends are planning. When they meet to practice at the lagoon, Sophia arrives last, excited to share her ideas. Wearing her super sparkly popstar sunnies and holding her glittery microphone, Sophie launches into one of The Flyfish Girls pop songs. Her friends are taken aback. They don't want to sing; they can't sing. Smedley tries to smooth things over to no avail.
Team work requires cooperation, listening to everyone's ideas and working together, and that's just what the best friends do in the lead up to their performance. Will they win the prize, tickets to The Guppy Cove Adventure Park?
The talent show presents a gorgeous underwater world, filled with sea creatures and sparkly mermaids. Pink borders and accents enhance the story and add fun to the delightful cartoon illustrations. Written in a fun and charming style with plenty of alliteration and special pops of pink-coloured exclamations and highlighted words, this story is just right for mermaid-loving young readers.
Themes: Mermaids, Friendship, Performing arts.
Rhyllis Bignell