What the fluffy bunny said to the hungry hippo by P. Crumble

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Illus. by Chris Saunders. Koala Books, 2019. ISBN: 9781742997551.
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Themes: Easter, Rabbits, Searching, Hippopotamus, Animals. When Fluffy Bunny invites the Hungry Hippo to slide down his hole in the ground to find some delicious eggs, children will be delighted to see that the hippo has not a hope of fitting in the little hole. But next he asks the mouse to follow him down the hole and over the hill, and through the field, and later the meerkat to climb down the hole, over the hill, through the field and across the pond. As he asks each animal to follow him, Fluffy Bunny gives another instruction as to where the animal must go. Not only down the hole, but a series of other instructions leading to the increasingly prized eggs.
Children will love following the bunny's instructions and enjoy learning the string of directions, to be able to read along with whoever is reading the book out loud. Listeners will add actions to the instructions and join in with the telling, laughing at the hippo still stuck with his head down the hole at the end of the book.
But when bunny asks the elephant, he is in for a shock as the elephant has worked out for himself how to avoid the string of directions and get the eggs more quickly.
A lovely book to introduce eggs at Easter, invite children to follow directions, and teach them a few new animals as the bunny asks them to follow him.
Teachers will be able to point out all the different words adding detail to the eggs, introducing the significance of eggs to this particular time of the year.
Fran Knight