On the come up by Angie Thomas

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Walker Books, 2019. ISBN: 9781406372168.
(Age: Young adult) Recommended. On the come up by Angie Thomas is a hard-hitting contemporary young adult novel novel that brings light to topics such as racial stereotyping and discrimination of people due to their social class.
Bri has always dreamed of being a famous rapper like her dad so when she gets the chance to compete in an amateur rap battle in her inner-city neighbourhood she jumps on it. She believes that becoming a rapper is the key to saving her family from poverty and to rise above the racism and hate she experiences from being African American in her community.
The characters in this novel were realistic and unique from each other. Their personalities and ambitions in the novel were memorable and special to that character. This made you feel like you were getting to know and forming real relationships with the characters in the novel.
The plot was unique and spoke about racial inequality in a way that clearly highlighted the injustices minorities face daily in real life. These heavy topics are delivered in a non-graphic and easy to interpret way so readers young or old will feel as if they have gained knowledge and a deeper understanding of racial prejudice.
The imagery and language choices were true to the setting of the novel which is a predominately African American neighbourhood. It felt as if I was transported to America and could hear the characters through their realistic dialogue. The language choices were clear and easy to understand which is most likely because this book is aimed at young adults.
Overall, I would recommend this book to a younger audience who would like to know more about the injustices racial minorities face in modern day society. It is a fast paced but still emotional impactful read. If you enjoy realistic characters and an action packed plot this is the book for you!
Amy Folker (student)