Ninja switch by Anh Do

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Ninja Kid book 3. Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781760662820. 186p.
(Age: 8+) Recommended. Themes: Family, Humour. Nelson, Kenny, and their gutsy grandma deliver another hilarious adventure. Nelson, tired of being the school nerd, wants to let his cover slip a little at the annual athletics carnival. Despite Kenny's enthusiasm, both Mum and Grandma put the kybosh on his plans to win an event or two. We sense rebellion is afoot until unintentionally, Grandma's latest invention tampers with Nelson's super powers. In the same vein of Damian Young's, My Nana is a Ninja, Grandma takes on the mantle of Ninja. Sadly, Nelson's feeble performance at the Athletics Carnival is more dismal than ever and worse, he can't impress Sarah, the girl's champion. Ironically, it's a blessing in disguise since the new Carnival sponsor is very interested in the highest performing students. Too interested perhaps? Can Nelsen and his eccentric family, foil Dr Kane's plans to kidnap and unmask the Ninja Kid?
Nelson has Kenny and Ahn Do has Jeremy Ley to draw the pictures. Together they make a very amusing adventure for middle-schoolers and STEM students who will be inspired to construct gadgets which are functional and fun. One certainty is that everyone is bound to get a kick out of the much anticipated 3rd volume in the Ninja Kid series.
Deborah Robins