Giggly times, giggly rhymes 3 by Richie Cotton

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Ill. by Bookwood Illustrators. Little Steps Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781925545968.
(Ages: 4-7) Themes: Poetry. Humour. This is the third of the Giggly times, giggly rhymes picture books. They are mostly nonsensical rhymes that could be used to encourage children to write their own rhymes. They range from a wheelie bin going surfing ('There's a wheelie bin in my street... I've seen it at the local beach; in those waves, out of reach; swishing in and out of curls; blowing kisses to the girls') to a boy turning into a frog ('I've turned bright green with bulgy eyes; Somebody please... find me some flies'). Some are more pleasing than others and some go too far beyond nonsensical, where words are just thrown in anywhere because they rhyme.
The illustrations match the craziness of the rhymes but are lacking sharpness. The rhymes are short (all 4, 6 or 8 lines) so good for young children to read aloud and could be useful for encouraging imaginative writing and poetry.
Nicole Nelson