Lost by Tracey Unthank

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Little Steps Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781925545937.
(Ages: 3-6) Themes: Penguins. Antarctica. Homes. A young emperor penguin named Fluffy lives in Antarctica with his mum and dad. Fluffy loves to play hide and seek with his friends Angel and Jet. One stormy day Fluffy ignores his mum and dad's calls to come back to them and he gets lost in the wind and snow. When the storm clears he is picked up by a white-bellied sea eagle and carried far away. After many hours the eagle grows tired and drops Fluffy in very unfamiliar surroundings; he is staring at Uluru! Fluffy is determined to get home so he sets off, asking for help from the animals he finds along the way. Finally, a kind pelican flies Fluffy home to his grateful family and friends. 'And since then, Fluffy, Angel and Jet never wandered too far from their parents' side. Fluffy didn't want to get lost again'.
The painted illustrations are pleasing enough, with quite realistic animals and landscapes, and there is a didactic tone to the story, advising the young to listen to their parents.
Nicole Nelson