The wellness puzzle by Andrew Jobling

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Rockpool Publishing, 2019. ISBN 9781925682816
(Age: Adult) Non-fiction. Ex-footballer and fitness professional, Andrew Jobling has drawn on his experience researching the essential criteria for a healthy life and has come up with 7 interlocking pieces to the puzzle, which he sets out in this easy to read book about 'Creating optimal well-being, one piece at a time'. His inspiration is his mother Sue who was able to turn her life around after being diagnosed with a secondary cancer and only given 2-3 years to live. She went on to enjoy a further 15 years of joy and fulfilment.
Learning the hard way, Jobling has experimented with different approaches, and now feels that he has the 7 key ingredients. He works through them one by one, using logic and examples to get the reader on side and committed. Each chapter has a summary of the main points, and key actions for the reader to embrace. The tone of the book is open and friendly, like talking to a mate, and the information can be easily absorbed. For people who have read the essential material before, and are still struggling with motivation, this book may provide a pathway to a happier, healthier life.
Helen Eddy