Cherries by Carrie Gallasch and Sara Acton

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Little Hare, 2018. ISBN 9781760128593.
As soon as the blossoms appear on the cherry tree in Spring, the children are eager to pick the fruit. But, "It's not time yet." As the weeks pass and the cherries develop, the children indulge in all sorts of outdoor pastimes, but "it's not time yet." Until it is . . .
This is a joyful story of anticipation and family rituals as the extended family all take part in the waiting and the eating. Young children will delight in recognising events that are familiar to them as well as starting to understand the passage of time, a complex concept for little ones. The gentle words and pictures complement each other, just as they did in Stitches and stuffing and this has the potential to become a favourite.
Barbara Braxton