Pearl, the flying unicorn by Sally Odgers and Adele K Thomas

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Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781742997322
(Age: 5-7) Themes: Unicorns. Magic. Sally Odgers delights with a second easy to read story filled with flying unicorns, ogres and some magical problems. Once again, bold splashes of pink add sparkle to the page borders, pretty illustrations and special words. Pearl, the flying unicorn will continue to delight young unicorn and fantasy fans with its easy to read chapters and amusing story.
Pearl the unicorn loves her Kingdom friends, Tweet the Firebird and Olive the Ogre. She wants to surprise them with a treat of crunchy apples, all she needs is to magically make them appear. Unfortunately, Pearl's forgotten the order of the words in her magic spell. 'Toss, wiggle, wiggle' results in a shower of pink sparkles and giant pink teddy falling from the sky. Each combination of words accompanied by head tossing and hoof stomping creates a unique result, without any fruit appearing.
Olive the Ogre's pink flower magically changes into a small grumpy lion, much to Pearl's surprise. Her friends try to encourage her, but nothing seems to work. Pearl decides on a different approach after pink milk splashes all over them. With Tweet and Olive on her back, Pearl trots into the dark forest in search of a special apple tree. When stinky gobble-uns threaten to take over the Kingdom with their stinky magic, Pearl has a difficult choice to make.
Adele K Thomas' fun, pink, grey and black illustrations that show both Pearl's magical failures and successes add sparkle to Sally Odgers enchanting story. Pearl, the flying unicorn is just right for young unicorn lovers transitioning from picture books to early chapter books.
Rhyllis Bignell