Lava Island by Bajo and Hex, Chris Kennett

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Pixel Raiders book 5. Scholastic Australia, 2018. ISBN 9781743817650
(Age: 8+) Themes: Digital worlds. Computer games. Fantasy. Adventure. Celebrity gamers Bajo and Hex's Pixel Raiders series concludes with Lava Island. This is the most difficult level yet; Rip and Mei must solve tricky puzzles on Lava Island that lead them to the dangerous volcano.
Mei and Rip wake up in two different places after the over-powered villain MEGALAVA caused an explosion. Mei finds herself in Rip's bedroom trying to explain his whereabouts to his mum. She has to return to Inreal Games, sneak into the building and find a way back into the game.
Rip and Mei encounter monkeys, pelicans, loud and annoying music, race inside chambers, solving mysteries and puzzles as they traverse Lava Island. They are chased by a huge slime monster and work their way through even more difficult challenges, encountering firewoman Magmonia with fiery lava flowing hands who tests their character, wit and skill. Magmonia's alter ego is Miss Eastwood their music teacher who gives them a vital clue to help in their ultimate test.
The final epic battle tests Rip and Mei's abilities and skills and pits them against Bryan, another gamer who works for MEGALAVA. Firebugs, dangerous icicles, giant snowballs, even a pterodactyl, so many dangerous elements are thrown at Rip and Mei.
Lava Island draws together all the characters and explains their motives and actions from the other Pixel Island books making this a fantastic final adventure. Bajo and Hex understand the gaming world and Chris Kennett's cartoon graphics liven up the action and antics.
Rhyllis Bignell