The bee book Charlotte Milner

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DK, 2018. ISBN 9780241305188
Recommended. Bees have been an essential and integral part of life on the planet for over 100 million years - even pre-dating the dinosaurs - and about 20 000 different species can be found all around the world. While some bees are large, others small, some can cook and the original name of the much-loved bumblebee was 'dumbledore', the most famous is the honey bee and this amazing new book focuses on this species as it explores all aspects of its life and why it is so important to the survival of humans.
Packed with easily accessible information and eye-catching illustrations, this is the ideal book to show young children how critical bees are within the environment as they, along with other insects, are responsible for about a third of everything we eat! As well as emphasising their importance, there is also a warning about their decline in numbers and the potential for catastrophe if that happens. There are suggestions for how we can assist their longevity, including building a simple bee motel (although I cheated and bought one) with more detailed instructions available here.
With Christmas approaching, and Miss 12 and Miss 7 growing beyond toys and stuff, this book, and a copy of this year's winner of the CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers, How to bee because they seem like natural companions, as well as the bee motel will make a somewhat different gift, but one which will inspire them!
A must for school libraries and fascinating and informative for those with an interest in the environment.
Barbara Braxton