Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

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Renegades trilogy, book 2. Pan MacMillan 2018. ISBN 9781760559526
(Age: 12+) Book two in the Renegades Trilogy, Archenemies allows the trilogy to take shape even more so than before. As the budding relationship between Nova and Adrian grows, can they keep their private lives private for much longer or will the true identities of the Renegades most wanted Nightmare and Sentential be revealed at last?
Coping with the aftermath of the Detonators death and the revelation of her uncle's survival, it appears to be more important than ever for Nova to succeed as a renegade. She is a spy and constantly on alert for any threat. Yet she is also a decorated Renegade, being publicly thanked prior to the reveal of a new weapon that will change everything. A weapon that could strip prodigies of their powers. Unable to silence her concerns about prodigy rights, Nova quickly discovers he concerns are shared by other Renegades. Renegades who don't trust other Renegades to consistently do the right thing. Will her growing closeness with her team and with Adrian put her in a compromising position? What does she stand for? Is she a Renegade, an Anarchist, or neither?
A coming of age superhero story, Meyer presents Nova with a number of big decisions to make not just about her life, but the lives of people around her. Nova is in a unique position of power and it is up to her to determine what the right path forward is not just for her friends and family, but for the people of Galton City together.
Kayla Gaskell