Timmy Failure: It's the end when I say it's the end by Stephan Pastis

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Walker, 2018. ISBN 9781406382785
(Age: 9-12) Themes: Detectives, Film production, Fathers, Sons. Stephan Pastis concludes his madcap Timmy Failure series with this seventh novel It's the end when I say it's the end. Timmy's acerbic comments, unusual outlook on life, ever-present polar bear and his quirky class mates will be missed by the fans. The young detective's narrative is humorously delivered; his take on his school, life, family and his polar bear's problems are unique, as is his mastery of the English language. Total, Timmy's polar and detective partner is sadly missing his younger brother Timmy. After a solar eclipse that Timmy decides is a sign from the gods, they quit their detective business. They focus on sending faxes across the globe in search of the missing polar bear. (Why didn't they email?)
Meanwhile, Timmy's teacher assigns the class a movie-making project and he's the script writer. Of course, he writes the epic story of his life, from birth to the highs and lows of his investigator business. New student Tom John John is chosen to direct the movie and there are definite creative differences, location, actors and actions, even a kissing scene with Corinna Corinna.
Timmy's father comes back into his life, he's working as a bartender, not an international spy as Timmy hoped. Their relationship is tenuous, his father doesn't know how to parent Timmy and his son places demands on his father that are unacceptable. He also wants to set some of the movie scenes in the bar which causes problems. When the greatest script ever written disappears, Timmy's life is turned upside down. How he manages to juggle all of the difficult situations leads to some very funny scenes. There are secrets hidden in a storage locker, family dramas with his Mum and new Husband Dave, a family Christmas party with his quirky relatives and encounters with some old enemies.
'Greatness Never Ends' gives the reader pause for thought, this quote begins the final chapter in Timmy Failure's journey. Stephen Pastis brings the series to a close with his usual flair. Fans who love this unique character aren't ready to say goodbye. Comic book illustrator Pastis has a penchant for the dramatic, with his graphic diary style format, humourous scenes and snapshots of Timmy's unusual life.
Rhyllis Bignell