The football book: The teams, the rules, the leagues, the tactics by David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton

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David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton
Ill. by Phil Gamble, Mike Garland, and Mark Walker. Dorling Kindersley, 2018. ISBN 9780241332856
(Age: 8+) Recommended for sports fans. Subjects: Soccer. Team sports. Football. The football book, published by DK, is a comprehensive compendium of football, from the history of ancient ball games, to how the game is played, even the results of the 2018 World Cup. This is a visually outstanding information book with graphics of team players, maps, diagrams of the evolution of the pitch and text boxes filled with statistics. Each double-page spread is set out in an easy-to-read format, just right for a quick read, to find relevant information about teams from across the globe, tactics and techniques.
Four thousand years ago, the Chinese played cuju with two teams and a ball, kicking towards a fixed goal. Spectator ball sports developed in Mesoamerica three thousand years ago. Football has evolved over the centuries into a variety of different games with five players a side, beach football, freestyle, indoor games and Paralympic football. Detailed descriptions of how the game is played, each player's position and quotes from famous players are included in 'How the game is played.'
'The footballer's anatomy' looks at strength, height, shape, muscular structure and discusses the hypothetical ideal player. This includes Beckham's right foot, Rinaldo's upper body and Maradona's left foot! Detailed diagrams of spectacular moves, spins and turns, shooting for goals, heading the ball, all help players both young and older to study the techniques.
'Planet Football' takes us across the globe with the FIFA Confederations and its more than 200-member countries divided into six geographical areas. Starting with the English clubs and an inside look at Wembley Stadium, we branch out across the United Kingdom then into Europe. 'Australia's Stat Attack' describes the Socceroos, our national team, the A-League teams, and the origin of the Old School teams, Sydney City was founded in 1939. The football book is packed with data and statistics, finishing with the International Awards and Records, including Women's World Cup Winners; Men's and Women's Player of the Year and Club World Cup winners.
The football book is a most comprehensive, all-inclusive visual encyclopedia of football perfect for sports fan, families to delve into, armchair players and anyone who loves the game.
Rhyllis Bignell