The legend lurking in your lunchbox by Yves Stening

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Ill. by Nigel Buchanan. Dinner Detectives series. Publish-Creative Books, 2018. ISBN 9780648008729
(Age: 4+) Themes: Lunch. Food. Humour. The third outing in the series, Dinner Detectives, promotes the theme of healthy eating, while contemplating some of the things which may appear in a lunchbox and humorously informing the reader about why it is so. Clementine and Aksel discuss the meaning of the word 'sandwich' as they eat theirs at school. They offer many alternative words, including 'bum crack' which some readers may like to avoid, until they offer the meaning behind the word, 'sandwich' with Lord Sandwich at his gaming table.
After this an interesting look at various sandwiches in various cultures around the world introduces readers to the idea of alternatives to sandwiches: hamburger, meyzo bread, rotis, kebabs, tacos to name a few, ending up with a recipe for a poached chicken on rye sandwich for children to try.
Funny illustrations will amuse younger readers and they will enjoy the history lessons along the way.
Fran Knight