Competing for the Cup by Bobbi JG Weiss

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Ride series, Book 2. Candlewick Entertainment, 2018. ISBN 9780763698553
(Age: Teenagers+) Recommended. Competing for the Cup is the second book in the Ride series, and is based on a TV show aired on Nickelodeon. Competing for the Cup follows Kit Bridges after her arrival to Covington, an elite equestrian boarding school in England. Thankfully her father is there with her, and together they are helping each other deal with the death of Kit's mother. In this second instalment, Kit has to prepare for the House Cup competition, and she is raring to prove just how far herself and her horse TK have come. But life isn't always that simple: Friends and frenemies acting stranger than usual, someone leaving encouraging sticky notes with tips for bonding with TK for her, and lastly catching her Dad on a dinner date. Kit may have more problems than she can handle. This story explores life issues and the struggles one can have when moving to a new home, as well as other teenage issues surrounding friendships and first loves. Kit is strong minded but her emotions seem to get in the way of her decision making at times. Still recovering from the events from the first installment she tries her hardest to be normal at this new school she now calls home. Kit's father Rudy is portrayed as a strong father figure to not only Kit but some of the other students as well. But he seems to be ready to move on in his romance life sooner than Kit expected. Lastly, since there are a number of other characters in the TV show that the story follows, the author does well to balance the chapters between them all. Overall, I believe this to be a good series for teenagers and would recommend the series to teenagers and above.
Kayla Raphael