Let sleeping dragons lie by Garth Nix and Sean Williams

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Have Sword, Will Travel book 2. Allen and Unwin, 2018. ISBN 9781743439937
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. Themes: Fantasy, Swords, Good versus evil, Dragons. Odo and Eleanor are off on another exciting adventure with their magical swords Biter and Runnel. When they help a blind man and an aging knight fight off a bilewolf attack, they discover that Egda is the king who abdicated when he became blind and the warrior Hundred is his protector. They are off to try and stop his sister, the regent from taking over the throne. Joining the pair, Odo and Eleanor travel across the land meeting dangerous obstacles and fighting off evil in the hope that they can reach the castle before Prince Kendryk loses every chance of becoming king.
Written with very humorous dialogue, especially from the magical swords, Let Sleeping Dragons Lie is a delight from start to finish. Under the supervision of Hundred, Odo and Eleanor hone their fighting skills, and learn how to become knights. Their ability to fight and to plan is put to the test as they face strange inventions, travel dark underground passages, and cross dangerous waters. There is a little mystery to solve - why is Prince Kendryk trying to finish a mural and why is it so important?
One of the outstanding characters in the book is the little bat, Tip, who spells out messages from the prince to Odo and gives warning of danger ahead. He joins an array of well developed characters, including the magical swords that make this book a joy to read.
With Biter, Odo's talking sword, determined to chase the evil Falconstone sword that is killing people in the kingdom, readers know that they are in for another treat in the next episode of the Have sword, will travel series.
Pat Pledger