Rudi Hooper's Super Pooper-Scooper by Alan Horsfield

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Big Sky, 2018. ISBN 9781925675160
(Age: Primary) Rudi Hooper's Super Pooper-Scooper is certainly a title that leads the mind to think that the story will be filled with toilet humour, and silliness. But, to the author's credit, it is actually a well written story that has a whole range of concepts and ideas meaning it will engage readers that vary in age and likes.
The book centres on Rudi Hooper and his aim of winning fame and glory through Student of the month and the Tidy Towns initiative, where he decides to clean up the problem that most people pretend isn't there - the dog poo! He uses all of his inventive ideas to make the job quicker and easier, which leaves his family very proud of him. His younger brother Morris also plays a valuable role, as he sticks up for his brother and tries to help solve the very interesting mystery that is integrated beautifully into the story.
This book was well liked by my 8 year old, although he stated that he would have enjoyed a few more pictures throughout the story, especially of all the poop! I liked how Alan Horsfield was able to weave conflict, cheating, inventions, sibling rivalry, problems, family support, humour and dog poo altogether in one story.
Rudi Hooper's Super Pooper-Scooper was a good book that would be enjoyed by primary aged children. It is funny, and will assist to engage readers who may not enjoy reading on a daily basis. The laugh-out-loud nature of the book keeps it interesting and will ensure the reader wants to go back for more. A good reader to add to the library collection, 3.5 out of 5.
Lauren Fountain