Alphaprints: Sea life by Roger Priddy

cover image

Priddy Books, 2018. ISBN 9781783417131
(Age: Preschool) Highly recommended. Sea life (from the Alphaprints series) is another fantastic board book produced by Priddy Books. It has simple, rhyming text that enables younger children to predict and fill in the end words after only listening to it a few times.
The Alphaprints series is characterised by tactile fingerprint shapes that help to create the body or markings of the animal on each page. The illustrations also include household items such as pegs, tools and dress-up equipment adding interest and talking points to each animal.
I really like how although each animal only gets a few words of description, the authors have been able to provide enough information to spark conversation and increase the knowledge and understanding of the young reader. Two of my favourites are - 'Swordfish; is fast, with a long sharp bill' and 'Narwhal: The unicorn of the arctic sea.'
This is the second book in this series that we have read and they are firm favourites in our house for the almost 4 year old. She loves feeling the tactile fingerprints (and then discovering her own!!) and identifying all the objects they have used to make each animal.
Once again Priddy books have come up with the goods with their board books. The pages are wipe-able and the book is durable and sturdy, perfect for holidays or car trips. Since reading this second Alphaprints book I have kept a look out and added more to our collection. 5 out of 5
Lauren Fountain