When I was a child by Andy Stanton and David Litchfield

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Hodder, 2018, ISBN 9781444928853
(Age: 3-6) Recommended. Themes: Grandparents.
There is magic in everything.
The world is a spinning star,
No matter how old you are.

Andy Stanton's When I was a child is an evocative and uplifting story of a grandmother and grandchild sharing beautiful memories of past and present times. David Litchfield's enchanted multi-media illustrations compliment the lyrical story and take us to beautiful places.
Grandma opens her book of memories sharing her world from long ago where people and elephants flew across the sky and the world joined in with a grand parade. Wonderful celebrations with music and dancing happened when the world married the sun. Grandma holds her granddaughter's hand as they watch the Martian girls high kicking up in the stars. The mood changes when her grandmother talks of 'the world growing old and grey' and the 'magic shrinking away.'
Emily grasps her grandma's hands and together they fly off into a bright world with faces in raindrops, there are "minutes that last for hours" and "flowers celebrate birthdays." The young girl's world is just as enchanted and splendid.
Andy Stanton's allegorical story delivers a message of hope and love; both Grandma and Emily see the beauty and reality of their worlds' past and present. David Litchfield's surreal scenes, filled with light and shade, energetic magical characters and other worldly settings add to the enjoyment of this story. A beautiful book just right for sharing with grandparents and families. Take time to remember and record special moments together.
Rhyllis Bignell