The TinyWing fairies by Suzanne Barton

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Bloomsbury, 2018. ISBN 9781408864876
The TinyWing Fairies is a delightful bedtime story, written and illustrated by Suzanne Barton, which follows the journey of some gorgeous fairy friends from Dappletree Woods in their hunt for a noise in the night. As they go along their way they meet their woodland friends the mice, owls, and the rabbits who all join in to help find the cause of the unknown noise. The mystery concludes and the friends all attend the Winter Fair which is a fabulous end to their big adventure.
I really enjoyed the language used in this story and felt that it added to the "enchanting" feeling throughout the whole book. Words such as snuggled, twinkled, fluttering and dreaming were discussed and enjoyed by Miss 4, who sat with her eyes fixated on the pictures and her ears listening intently to the words.
The illustrations are amazingly whimsical, colourful, with patterns following through each page and cute snowflakes moving across the scenery.
We loved the colours used and especially the figures of the TinyWing fairies who had great facial expressions.
According to Miss 4 her favourite parts were when the fairies went to visit all the animals and how they helped each other out. She also loved the pictures of the animal families, especially the owls and the mice. And although he may not admit it - Master 8 listened in and stated that he thought the pictures were good and that he liked the rabbits and the owls!!!
This book is perfectly suited to bedtime reading and could be used for a child who may have some issues with hearing noises in the night, as it is reassuring and definitely calming.
We really enjoyed this book and will certainly be reading it again!
Lauren Fountain