The Teenage Guide to Life Online by Nicola Morgan

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Walker Books, 2018. ISBN 9781406377903
(Age: 12 - Adult). Recommended. Everyone is aware that the internet has given rise to a change in how we go about our daily lives; screen time has increased and seems to continue to do so. Schools are providing information about cyber bullying, and parents woe about how much time their children spend with technology. But perhaps it's not all bad.
This book explores why children (and adults) have a new fixation and addiction to technology and online life compared to days past, and discusses the pros and cons of various aspects of internet access and use. Social media access, privacy, sexting, and cyberbullying are often the big-ticket items when thinking about the internet, but this books also explores other sides of social media access, including how to ensure the information you are accessing is accurate, being creative online and using online tools, and the difference between reading on a screen and reading on paper.
Each section outlines the main idea, and discusses both the pros and cons of online and technology access. Strategies to support the negatives are outlined, and there is an abundance of resources and further readings listed. An easy read, The Teenage Guide to Life Online aims to explore and explain why there is such an addiction to technology and internet for children and adults alike, and, rather than spending a doom and gloom message, encourages individuals to be aware of how technology and internet access affects their daily interactions.
A must read for both children and adults.
Christina Abbracciavento