Unholy by Bill Bennett

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Palace of Fires, book 2: Penguin, 2018. ISBN 9780143783800
(Age: 12+) Recommended. Lily's plight continues with book two of the Palace of Fire series. A recently initiated white witch, Lily must do the impossible - rescue her mother from black Baphomet witches without any formal training and before the night of Unholy when her soul will be torn from her body and offered to Satan. But Lily isn't alone, as always Skyhawk is at her side and together they will stop at nothing to find Lily's mother and ensure that Cygnet, the organisation of white witches survives.
Picking up where the last book left off, Lily is battling the poison from one of the twin shape-shifters who stung her as a scorpion. With the dark poison coursing through her veins it seems that her only hope lies with Skyhawk's mother in their little village of Needle. But their destination isn't difficult to guess and while Skyhawk's mother works on the unconscious Lily, they are joined not just by Uncle Freddie, the second in-charge of Cygnet, but by the two detectives, Olivier and Marley, just moments after an attack by Baphomet witch Kritta, and her two crazed familiars.
Struggling at every turn, can Lily and Skyhawk work together to save Lily's mother before the night of Unholy? Or will everything go terribly wrong and Cygnet lose not just Lily's mother but Lily herself?
A book that demonstrates methods of coping and simplifying problems when it seems like your world is falling apart, I would recommend for fantasy lovers aged 12 and up.
Kayla Gaskell