Incy wincey spider by Matt Shanks

cover image

Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781760276959
(Age: 0-5) Highly recommended. I have to admit that I thought this was going to be just another book with the "Incy wincey spider" rhyme. Thankfully I was wrong! I have read lots of versions of Incy wincey spider but this is one that I really love. Scholastic have created an adaption of the original that children and adults alike will enjoy reading. It starts out as we all know it but then it takes an Australian twist. Incy meets animals such as a kangaroo, galah, emu and a cute little girl. It ends with a tired spider sleeping in its web.
The illustrations by Matt Shanks are fabulous, colourful and add such a vibrancy to this story.
This book has quickly become a favourite with my 4 year old, who especially loves the page with the galah. The facial expressions of the birds in the bird bath are hilarious and you can almost hear their frolicking sounds!
Another interest point within the book is the inclusion of a funny little fly on each page. This little guy gets up to lots of mischief and Miss 4 always wanted to find the fly on every turn of the page.
This book is fun, engaging and a really great Aussie addition to the many versions of the famous rhyme Incy wincey spider. Sure to be a firm favourite with all kids 5 and under, 5 out of 5.
Lauren Fountain