Splat the Fake Fact! by Adam Frost

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Ill. by Gemma Correll. Bloomsbury, 2018. ISBN 9781408889503
(Age: 8+) Splat the Fake Fact is a puzzle activity book filled with information that has escaped from popular author Adam Frost's Amazing Fact series. He encourages you to splat them, doodle on them or even lasso them! After the disclaimer is signed, he asks that you take any measure needed to completely obliterate the wrong facts. Which Barmy Beasts has Frost created, is it the bone-eating zombie-worm, the Javanese Tree Sheep or the Raspberry Crazy Ant. Luckily the answers are easy to find. For those who love fart facts and gross jokes there are plenty. There is a vast array of weird, wacky and unusual information on topics like Mad Monarchs, Camel Claptrap, Killer Creatures and Leonardo's Lab.
Guess which Surreal Sports is an imposter! Is it Worm Charming, Toilet Racing maybe Wife Carrying? There are disgusting facts about snot, vomit, ridiculous rules and exploding underpants. Frost's fake facts are fun to share, sometimes the most obvious answer is incorrect!
Gemma Correll's cartons, doodles, diagrams and crazy characters add to the humour of Frost's fact collection.
This is a fun activity book with plenty of opportunities to embellish, lasso, draw, solve the codes, decipher hieroglyphics and identify the truth.
Rhyllis Bignell