Eve and the rebel fairies by Jess Black

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Keeper of the Crystals series, book 7, New Frontier, 2018 ISBN 9781925594218
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Fairies. Fantasy. Jess Black's Eve and the rebel fairies is a magical adventure written for young readers just starting junior novels. Friends Eve and Oscar have uncovered the special secret power of crystals and in each story, they travel into a different and dangerous world to help save the community.
Eve and Oscar are enjoying their school holidays, playing with Ingvar Eve's dragon and sleeping over at Eve's grandma's house. The discovery of a tiny pink fairy-sized door leads them into a new adventure. With a miniature fairy crystal in her hand, Eve with Oscar and Ingvar holding on, they shrink down to fairy size and enter a new kingdom. Summoned by Orla the Golden Queen of the Fairies, Eve and her friends are needed to stop two rebel fairies. They have stolen pixie dust from the Tree of life and are using it to upset the balance of nature. Creating a hot pink river that poisoned the fish, causing rockfalls and floods, they are troublemakers.
Lilith and Azura wreak havoc in the human world too turning sharks vegetarian, melting a glacier and turning a flock of sheep green! Eve must use her special skills to cross the troll bridge and stop the rebel fairies.
Jess Black's environmental messages are woven throughout her series, making the young reader thinks about the consequences of climate change and upsetting the natural balance. Her fairy fantasy world and the characters are beautifully described. Celeste Homes' sketches are delightful chapter headings.
Eve and the rebel fairies is a charming novel for young chapter book readers.
Rhyllis Bignell