Lemonade Jones by Davina Bell and Karen Blair

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Allen and Unwin, 2018. ISBN 9781925266733
(Age: 6+) "There are a lot of rules that don't interest Lemonade Jones.
No running in the classroom, not even in an emergency.
Dangerous animals should be in cages. No biting. (Not even your worst enemy)
It's especially hard to stick to rules when you're trying to make life loud and exciting.
And Lemonade Jones likes it when loud and exciting things happen. Two delightful stories about Lemonade Jones, a feisty girl with a lot of fizz." (Publisher)
I love the fact that the lead character is a quirky girl who likes to bend the rules or at least push the boundaries. The first story, The First Day Backis a great starting point for children with worries about beginning school. I like the idea that it is not a picture book and would be a great read aloud for those starting at a new school. Parts of the book are quite funny - and raises some great conversation starters including it's ok to make mistakes and how we can learn from them.
This book is a light hearted book presented with a mix of pictures and text. The latter being a reasonable size - while at the same time making the reader feel as if they are reading a chapter book (although there are not any chapters in the book!). I can see this book fitting into a 'quick read' section of a school library and I am sure with the bright cover it will not spend a great deal of time on the shelf.
Suitable for children 6 and up.
Kathryn Schumacher