Dinosaur day out by Sara Acton

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Walker Books, 2018. ISBN 9781760650049
(Age: 2-6) Recommended. Themes: Dinosaurs, Museums. Dinosaur Day Out by author/illustrator Sara Action will entertain and excite its young audience with a multi-layered approach. While we read the story of Sally and Max's day out with Dad and their visit to the museum, there is so much more happening in the visual storytelling.
Sally and Max love dinosaurs and are keen to see the dinosaur exhibition. Unfortunately, the area is closed with a large sign stating "Dinosaurs Unleashed . . . dino's day off!" The children are upset and their father buys them a book all about their favourite animals. Off to the park they head, with "paths to explore and trees to climb." Dad keeps up their spirits by reading dinosaur facts aloud, "did you know about the diplodocus, the pterodactyl or the stegosaurus?" While their father is busy reading and eating Sally and Max are thoroughly enjoying the dinosaurs' day out! Hanging upside down on a branch with the pterodactyl, feeding the diplodocus leaves and watching it drink from the fountain. Even the t-rex enjoys a triple scoop ice-cream when they stop for a treat. Their day ends with Dad piggy-backing Sally as they walk back through the park observed by a pack of dinosaurs.
Sally Acton's wonderful pictures seamlessly blend the dinosaurs into the familiar park and city settings, natural tones of green and brown sweep across the spreads. She shows Max and Sally's enjoyment, their liveliness and interaction with the dinosaurs, a story within a story that will enchant the reading audience. Dinosaur Day Out is both an imaginative and informative picture book just right for sharing with pre-schoolers and junior primary students.
Rhyllis Bignell