Crowboy by Ricky Gibson

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Serenity Press, 2018. ISBN 9780648230427
(Age: 6-9) Recommended. Themes: Differences. Acceptance. Need a book for Halloween? Here is one that might work, that is neither too dark, nor too grim!
Crowboy is not like the other children. He has tried to fit in and be like them... but he just doesn't like what they like. He likes haunted houses and other macabre things, and gets driven home from school in the undertaker's hearse (with the coffin on top). When the teacher sets a creative writing task, Crowboy has the opportunity to share his imaginative side and he discovers a new accepting audience for his dark and spooky tale. This is a book that shows that we don't have to all be alike to find points of connection.
With a dark and slightly macabre illustrative style, with a touch of whimsy, this picture book may not be suited for all in the under-9 age group, but there will be some who recognise the character hiding behind the dark disguise - the one who is keen to be known, despite his differences.
Recommended for the edgy children who 'do not fit' in the Under-9 age group.
Carolyn Hull