What should a horse say? by Fleur McDonald and Annie White

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New Frontier, 2018. ISBN 9781925594201
(Age: 2-5) Themes: Farm animals. Horses. Farmer Rochelle's farm is filled with noisy animals, all mooing, baaing and even clucking "chick chick". However, she has one big problem, her horse also says "chick chick"! She asks her friend Farmer Hayden for help, even his tractor, quad bike and truck make the right noises. He's just not sure about "what a horse should say". Farmer Rochelle continues her quest to find the answer ringing her friend Susan who can't help either. Her cocky just wants more chocolate and everyone she meets still can't provide her with the appropriate solution. Dr Swan the vet drives up in his red ute, ready to investigate what is wrong with the horse. After a thorough check-up, he gives him some funny tasting medicine and rubs yellow cream on to his throat. Has the vet saved the day?
Annie White's sweeping vistas, close up farm scenes and lively farm animals are delightful. Her large brown horse is the one to watch, especially when Dr Swan checks his temperature. Find the little happy chickens jumping and dancing throughout.
Fleur McDonald's noisy story What should a horse say is an entertaining read aloud. Young children will love joining in with all the farm animal noises. They will love the question and response, knowing that all the way through the horse should be neighing.
Rhyllis Bignell