There's a baddie running through this book by Shelly Unwin and Vivienne To

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Allen and Unwin, 2018. ISBN 9781760630614
(Age: Preschool+) Recommended. Themes: Humour, Books, Robbers and outlaws, Theft.
There's a baddie running through this book,
Turn the pages; have a look.
There he goes, did you see?
Sound your siren, chase with me.
There's a baddie running through this book is a fun story: you can follow the path of destruction left by the baddie in the book, as he makes his way through the book stealing different items. He left a trail of nuts behind him as he made his way through the book, and in the end this was his undoing. He ends up caught and everyone gets their things back. He is locked up, but will he stay that way?
The illustrations are lots of fun and children will enjoy picking out the baddie in his mask and carrying a sack over his shoulder, while enjoying the havoc that he leaves behind.
It uses language that can be used to support concept development such as "up and down", "left or right".
I recommend this book especially for preschool age children to support the development of the concepts used in the book.
Karen Colliver